Nectome is a research organization dedicated to advancing the science of memory. We design and conduct experiments to discover how the brain physically creates memories. And, we develop biological preservation techniques to better preserve the physical traces of memory.

Our Mission and Values

Our research will provide better-preserved brain samples to help fight against brain disease.

In the long term, a mature science and technology of memory could enable some truly revolutionary advances in the way our society relates to and engages with memory, including how we experience history, how we preserve the languages, cultures, and wisdom of the past, and how health care engages with individuals’ memories and personal narratives.

In conducting our research, we are not operating on an artificial timeline. Instead we are taking every measure to ensure our research is rigorous and of superior quality. We are committed to upholding this standard, no matter how long it takes. We are not beholden to any business projections, nor do we work with investors who impose their own timelines on our work.
We are partnering with bioethicists and medical professionals to fully understand and explore what our work could mean to the world. We’re currently very early in this process, but we are serious about maintaining a strong moral and ethical framework for our research.

We are inspired by the unrelenting curiosity and passion of researchers who have come before us. That spirit, starting with just a handful of geneticists in the mid-1970s, carried through to today to provide personalized biological information on a scale that was unthinkable at the start. Even many of those who originally mapped the human genome are astounded by where we are in genetics today. We are excited and emboldened by the hard work and profound results of the labs that are leading the field in neuro-modelling and understanding of memory, and we look forward to the drastic changes to come over these next several years.

We’re hiring!

Current openings
  • Nectome has recently won the Brain Preservation Prize for preserving the complete mammalian connectomes. Now we're looking for people to help us with the next steps: investigating the preservation of biomolecules and reconstructing a long-term memory from a preserved organism.

  • Biochemistry

    We’re looking for someone with a strong background in biochemistry and experimental design. Prior experience in neuroscience, c elegans, expansion microscopy, electron microscopy, and biochemical analysis techniques preferred. You will be at the forefront of memory preservation research and will actively contribute to advancing the field; we will provide you with a wide degree of latitude and support.

  • Prototyping Engineer

    You will assist in building prototype lab devices to support our research. Experience with PCBs, basic lab automation, motor controller design, and microfluidics preferred.